Dog Grooming, Mooresville, NC

Our dog grooming helps your dog look great while having a positive grooming experience.

Dog Grooming in Mooresville, North Carolina

Is your shaggy dog starting to look just plain shaggy? Do you have a pooch who needs a haircut in order to see? Does the thought of clipping your dog’s nails terrify you? Here at Mooresville Animal Hospital, we understand that dog grooming skills do not always come hand in hand with pet ownership skills! Not every Mooresville, North Carolina owner feels comfortable giving their furry friend the dog grooming treatment they may need, but here at Mooresville Animal Hospital, we would love to see your dog come in for a dog grooming appointment!

One of the nice things about coming to a dog grooming visit at Mooresville Animal Hospital is that we know how to handle animals in such a way that puts them at ease, rather than giving them anxiety. We go slowly with pets who are new to dog grooming in order to acclimate them to the tools and methods we will use until they reach a point where dog grooming is just another day of loving attention! Because we don’t force your dog into dog grooming, we know they will gain confidence with each and every trip to our dog groomers. Additionally, your dog can start to acquaint a pleasant trip to the dog groomers with our hospital, so that when they need to come for a medical reason, Mooresville Animal Hospital will be a familiar place with positive associations.

If your dog is starting to look a bit shaggy and tangled, bring them to us for skilled and professional dog grooming services.  

At Mooresville Animal Hospital, we offer dog grooming services for those in Mooresville, Lake Norman, Cornelius, Davidson, Denver, Huntersville, Sherrills Ford, Troutman, and Westport, North Carolina.