Telemedicine Veterinary Services, Mooresville, NC

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Due to Covid-19 safety protocols, many of our mobile and in-home services are currently suspended. Contact us for more information.

Telemedicine veterinary services provide an additional option when getting veterinary care for your furry family members.

When you aren’t feeling well, often the last thing you want to do is load yourself into the car only to sit in a waiting room to be seen by a doctor. Your pet feels the same way! If you are having a problem with your pet and either can’t get them in to see us here at Mooresville Animal Hospital or don’t want to stress them out by forcing them to make the trip, we have an innovative and exciting solution: telemedicine veterinary services.

Telemedicine Veterinary Services in Mooresville, North Carolina

With telemedicine veterinary services, we are able to expand our level of care for all of our patients, both in and out of the office. Telemedicine is more than just describing your pet’s symptoms over the phone, but it is utilizing technology that so many of us have these days to have what is essentially a virtual appointment. We use a variety of technologies in order to examine your pet from the comfort of their own home using telemedicine veterinary services, which enables them to get great care from where they are most comfortable.

We understand the telemedicine veterinary services are new to many of our patients and that you are likely to have questions. Here at Mooresville Animal Hospital, our patients have always come first and we are always happy to answer your questions– in person or from a telemedicine call! We would love to tell you more about how our telemedicine veterinary services work for our Mooresville, North Carolina and surrounding area patients. To learn more about this exciting option of caring for your pet, please give us a call today!

At Mooresville Animal Hospital, we offer telemedicine veterinary services for those in Mooresville, Lake Norman, Cornelius, Davidson, Denver, Huntersville, Sherrills Ford, Troutman, and Westport, North Carolina.