What are your hours?


Why Mooresville Animal Hospital?

We want to treat you and your pets with true southern hospitality and friendly, convenient, progressive health care.  Our hospital is locally owned, and our doctors are able to provide that individualized care that you won’t get at many corporately run practices.

Do you accept appointments and walk-ins?

Yes, we accept both! You can call or email a request for an appointment via the website link, or you can always walk in with your pet and we will work you in. Appointments do get priority to be seen, so to avoid a wait, we recommend an appointment, but we will take care of you either way!

What kinds of pets do you see?

Cats and dogs

What do things cost?

Our costs are separated by the services your pets need and you approve. We are always happy to provide an itemized estimate for treatment plans or preventative care. We strive to maintain competitive pricing in our area.

What do you offer in terms of boarding?

Our dog boarding is a flat rate of $29 a night. Dog boarding includes 3 walks a day in our newly renovated play yard equipped with dog-specific Astroturf, where they will have one-on-one time with our kennel attendant for some TLC. Doggy daycare is also available for more energetic dogs daily, as well as Senior Social time on Thursdays (for a small additional cost).

Our cat boarding is also a flat rate of $29/night. Cats are located in a separate ward for more quiet time. Our kitty condos offer your cat options for watching with curiosity or snuggling up in one of the nooks.

We will feed your pet based on your desired frequency, though meals are typically provided twice a day. We are happy to provide bedding, or you may choose to bring your pet’s own bed/blankets if you feel he or she may be more comfortable with something from home. Our kennel attendants are used to handling many pets with medical needs and are able to administer medications and have quick access to our veterinarians on site 7 days a week should the need arise.

What kind of grooming do you offer?

Our groomer offers baths, haircuts, nail treatments, medicated baths and mud mask treatments. She is available Monday through Friday by appointment. Grooming pricing is dependent on size and hair coat/length. The groomer can give a cost once she knows size/breed and what you are looking for.

What are some signs that my pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian right away?

Difficulty breathing or labored breathing, bleeding, unable to urinate, straining to defecate or urinate, changes in the eyes such as squinting, discharge, or bulging of the eyeball, distension of the abdomen/belly, vomiting, bloody diarrhea or any diarrhea/loose stool that is not resolving in 24 hours, or fresh wounds (if they need to be sutured, we need to be able to do them ASAP).

What should I bring to the appointment?

Your fur baby, of course, along with any questions you may have for the veterinarian! But also, depending on the nature of the appointment, we often need urine or fecal samples. Grab a sample of poop in a plastic grocery bag, and urine easily transports in a Tupperware dish you are ok parting with. Please also bring any records we may not have, such as vaccine records or emergency room reports. If your pet is nervous and picky, bringing their favorite treats can be helpful; otherwise, we will try to win them over with some of our tasty treats.