When In-Home Vet Visits are Ideal

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There was once a time when it was pretty standard for all medical service providers to come to the home of an ailing person. With the advent of hospitals and medical offices, that changed so that more people could be seen in a shorter period of time. It is rare to find a physician who will make a house call these days, but that isn’t the case when it comes to getting medical care for your pets. In-home vet visits are not just possible; they’re commonly offered by most veterinarians, especially those who recognize this may be the only way to give a pet the care it needs.

In-home vet visits can also be ideal for both or multiple reasons

The types of situations that are ideal for in-home care visits fall into two categories – when it’s best for the pet, and when it’s best for the pet owner. In-home vet visits can also be ideal for both or multiple reasons. Here are a few cases when calling for in-home vet visits is the best option.

  • Owner Mobility– If you have a mobility issue yourself due to injury, illness, or age and find it challenging, if not impossible, to take your pet to the vet clinic, calling for in-home vet visits is the solution.
  • Pet Mobility– If you have a pet that is too large and heavy to lift into your vehicle and they cannot jump up into the car themselves, it is best to have the vet come to you than to put yourself or your pet at risk of a fall or other injury.
  • Anxiety Concerns– Every pet is different, and some simply do not travel well or handle being in a vet office.
  • End-of-Life Care– Just as many people, if given the choice, would prefer to leave this world on their own terms and at home, you may want the same for your pet. In-home vet visits for euthanasia can be less stressful for your pet and for your family and other pets in the household.
  • Busy Schedule– If you are afraid that your pet won’t get the wellness visits they need because of lack of time to take them, in-home vet visits can be the ideal solution.

If you are in the Mooresville, North Carolina area and looking for someone to handle in-home vet visits for any of these situations or something else, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Mooresville Animal Hospital. Our mobile veterinary services are available for wellness checkups, end-of-life pet care, pet euthanasia, and other concerns you might have. Call today to schedule an appointment.