What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

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While there has been a lot of emphasis put on health insurance over the past few years with the goal of making certain everyone is protected from catastrophic medical bills, you should also consider having similar coverage for your pets. As pet care expenses climb along with medical care for people, you could face the challenge of paying for a costly medical procedure for your pet. Pet insurance can give you peace of mind that your pet can get the treatment or procedure they need without putting your budget at risk.

What You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

One of the most important reasons to have pet insurance is that you won’t be put into the position of needing to choose euthanizing your pet because you cannot cover the cost for a life-saving surgery or treatment. The good news is that pet insurance is far more affordable than health insurance for your family and most people find it a low-cost way to avoid being in an uncomfortable financial position. As is the case with other types of insurance, you can choose a pet insurance policy with the deductible, policy limits, and coverage that best fits your risk tolerance and budget.

Another way that pet insurance is similar to human health coverage is that the premiums are based on who is being covered. Just as you’d expect to pay more for certain situations as a human, pet insurance can vary based on breed and type of pet. Pet insurance companies have statistical information they go by that tells them which breeds are more likely to have potentially costly medical problems and which are hardier, so they set their rates accordingly based on the risk involved. While you might pay more for your particular breed, you can be sure that is because there is a higher chance of a costly medical bill, one that you will be able to avoid with pet insurance.

If you would like to learn more about pet insurance for the furry members of your family, reach out to us at Mooresville Animal Hospital. We want to help you protect your pet’s health and your financial health at the same time. Feel free to ask us about our veterinary services as well, including boarding, grooming, pet rehabilitation, pet dental services, and vet surgery.