Protect Your Pup During Heartworm Awareness Month!

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You want what’s best for your dog and consider them another member of your family, which is why it’s so important to protect them from threats like heartworm. Heartworm disease happens when foot-long worms find homes in the hearts, lungs, and associated blood vessels of pets. In severe cases, heartworm can lead to heart failure, organ damage, and lung disease. In some cases, heartworm can even be fatal.

Protect Your Pup During Heartworm Awareness Month!

The symptoms of heartworm are gradual and can be hard to detect at first. If your dog has heartworm, they may not have any symptoms at first, but then start to become reluctant to exercise, experience fatigue after moderate activity, start to lose weight, lose interest in eating, and develop a mild, persistent cough. You may also notice that your dog’s stomach starts to swell because of blockages in the heart if multiple heartworms are present.

Since April is Heartworm Awareness Month, at Mooresville Animal Hospital, we encourage you to be proactive about protecting your pet from heartworm! Schedule an appointment at our animal hospital, and we can test your pet for heartworm with the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test. This test efficiently checks for heartworm disease, as well as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis. Additional blood panels can also help us get a better look at your pet’s health and find out if heartworm has become an issue.

We recommend having your dog tested for heartworm every year to make sure they stay healthy and happy, and Heartworm Awareness Month is the perfect time to do it. To schedule an appointment for a heartworm screening, give our office a call today!