National Animal Poison Prevention Week: Are You Ready?

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Many of us come to think of our pets as more than just furry friends, but closer to our furry family members. Like children, pets need to be protected from a lot of things and substances that they don’t realize can cause them harm, and it is our job, as both responsible pet owners and pet parents, to ensure they are safe. National Animal Poison Prevention Week is the third week in March and focuses on preventing and identifying poisons that can harm or kill your pet.

National Animal Poison Prevention Week: Are You Ready?

Why do we observe National Animal Poison Prevention Week in March, you may ask? Because Spring is chock-full of substances that can harm your pet. Things like fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and even certain plant varieties can be poisonous to your pet and should be carefully chosen and judiciously applied. Another reason is that, with Spring Cleaning on the brain, you are better able to search through your home from your pet’s perspective and find substances that can harm them. While you are organizing your closet, take a minute to pet-proof your home as well.

There are several different substances and objects in our home that are fine for humans but can be lethal to pets. For example, dogs should never have grapes, Xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in many things dogs love), chocolate, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and yeast doughs.  There is a complete list of poisonous substances located here.

If you have questions about poisons, safe foods and medications for your pets, or if you are worried about something your pet might have ingested, please contact animal poison control or our experts at Mooresville Animal Hospital immediately. Let’s keep our pets safe!