Dental Services & Doggy Tooth Care: A Beginner’s Guide

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When you are new to pet ownership, puppy or full-grown dog, you need to keep their teeth in mind when considering their overall health. Dental services done on a regular basis can be instrumental in the health and well-being of your pet. Unsure of where to start? Let’s take a look.

veterinarian who is skilled in dental services

Your first step should be finding an animal hospital or veterinarian who is skilled in dental services like radiography, teeth cleaning and even extractions. An overwhelmingly large percentage of dogs have some sort of tooth decay or dental problems by the time they turn three, so be sure to keep up with dental care at home.

Speaking of at-home care, teeth brushing is an odd and unfamiliar concept to your dog. While some might take to it easily, many others are hesitant and resistant. Start out very slowly with these dogs and work your way incrementally up to teeth brushing. For example, start by letting them sniff your supplies and taste the toothpaste. There are dog toothpastes that are even meat-flavored to help increase their appeal. After the supplies and toothpaste are familiar to your pet after a few days, try looking at their teeth and giving lots of praise when they let you. Finally, slowly and incrementally build up brushing from one or two teeth to several until you can get all their teeth. Specially designed toothbrushes and toothpaste can make the process easier.

Finally, make sure you have access to professional veterinary dental services like ours at Mooresville Animal Hospital. To learn more about dental services and dental care for your pooch, contact us today.