3 Paws-itively Awesome Ways We Make Cat Care Comfortable for Finicky Felines!

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Cat lovers everywhere know that when it comes to caring for their furry family members, they have some unique problems! Most cats are comfortably and safely confined to their homes. They prefer their own space, their own unique environment, and a routine. While other pets might enjoy spontaneity and travel, a visit to the vet can be very traumatic and frightening for a feline companion. Here at Mooresville Animal Hospital, we comfortably care for cats every day. Here are a few things we can do to make their next vet visit a paws-itive one.

have a calming cat visit

1. Separate Cat/Dog Waiting Areas. Cats can sometimes ignite a dog’s “prey drive” where they want to chase or hunt a smaller animal. Even small dogs might feel the need to go after large cats, which can obviously be stressful for cat parents! We keep and maintain separate cat and dog waiting areas to negate this issue. We also have an examination room assigned specifically for our feline friends.

2. Create and Maintain Relationships with Pet Parents. When we are able to create a veterinary care relationship with a cat parent, we are able to help develop measures and routines that can help your kitty feel most comfortable. We specify our methods to things that will be ideal for your cat’s particular needs.

3. At-home Visits. We understand that many cat parents are apprehensive to get their cats to come to the vet, and their cats are as well. For elderly cats, or in cases when a visit would be very painful or traumatizing, we can bring care to you with at-home visits.

If you have a cat that needs a veterinary visit, we want to help. Please contact us today to learn more about how you can have a calming cat visit.