10 Reasons Your Pet May Need an Emergency Vet Visit [infographic]

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You never want to have to bring your pet in for emergency care, but there will probably come a day where your cat or dog needs to come into our animal hospital for an unexpected visit. Here are 10 of the most common situations where you should bring your pet to see us right away.

10 Reasons Your Pet May Need an Emergency Vet Visit [infographic]

1.   Vomiting/Diarrhea—An infection, eating too much people food, or a dietary indiscretion can lead to excessive vomiting or diarrhea, both of which are problems you should see your vet about.

2.  Urination Problems—If your pet isn’t urinating, has a problem urinating, or seems like they’re urinating too frequently, these are all signs of a urinary blockage.

3.  Trauma—Bites, falls, car accidents, and other serious accidents warrant a trip to our animal hospital right away.

4.  Poisoning—Chocolate, grapes, rat and slug poisons, human medications, and other foods and substances are poisonous to cats and dogs. A trip to our animal hospital can help your pet recover.

5.  Neurological Issues—Bring your pet to us if they experience an onset of lack of coordination, disorientation, unresponsiveness, or severe lethargy.

6.  Stings/Bites/Allergic Reactions—A severe allergic reaction can result in your pet experiencing diarrhea, breathing difficulties, extensive body swelling, and shock.

7.  Eye Issues—Redness, discharge, extensive tearing, constant pawing at the eye, and swelling are all problems that can escalate quickly and result in loss of the eye or blindness if not treated quickly.

8.  Breathing Problems—For shallow breathing, wheezing, weak, raspy, or shallowing breathing, or choking, bring your pet to see us right away.

9.  Difficulty Walking—A simple muscle sprain to a fracture, dislocation, or cancer can make it hard for your pet to walk. Have us check out the problem at our animal hospital.

10. Worsening Illness—If your pet has a long-term medical issue, like diabetes, kidney disease, or cancer, and they become extremely sick, bring them into our hospital for emergency care.