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Our veterinary practice has compassionately cared for animals since 1952.

Animals have been compassionately cared for at Mooresville Animal Hospital since 1952. A longstanding pillar here in the Mooresville, North Carolina community, our privately run practice believes in providing a better experience for animals and their owners by forming long-lasting relationships. The relationships we develop with our animal patients and their owners are what drives us to do better and what inspires us to provide superior care.

About Mooresville Animal Hospital in Mooresville, North Carolina

All our veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and office staff receive proper training to provide excellent basic care. But our training goes beyond this – we specifically train everyone who joins our office family to provide friendly, kind service. The result is compassionate care for your beloved pet and a better experience for you as our client.

Providing animals in the Mooresville area with the utmost care

You and your pet deserve southern hospitality, and we are always ready to deliver. In fact, we are open every day of the week and even offer emergency care for unexpected situations. Once you and your pet arrive, we will do everything in our power to put your pet at ease. Receiving even standard veterinary care is stressful for animals, and we employ effective techniques we know your pet will respond to.

As fellow animal lovers passionate about working with animals big and small, we have plans to serve the pets in our community for many more years to come. Choose Mooresville Animal Hospital the next time your pet needs grooming, boarding, dental care, or just a checkup.